Soopr Story

Soopr exists to simplify the life of companies trying to build and market through their content. The Internet industry, especially companies on a budget and bootstrappers are rediscovering the power of content, the importance it plays in bringing visitors and converting visitors into real customers.

It requires quality content, patience, and supporting tools to make the content discoverable and shareable with inbuilt growth loops. This also requires understanding the visitors and their behaviour on the website.

To help with this, Soopr packs 3 products behind one simple yet powerful interface.

Soopr Advantage

There are a lot of website analytics as well as URL shortening tools available in the market, however, Soopr is unique from the point of the view that:

  1. It is built to help your audience engage with your content
  2. It provides you distinct signals and analytics about
    • Visitors (users visiting your website and blog)
    • Readers & Promoters (visitors engaging with your content by sharing and liking it)
    • Referrals (visitors coming to your website from links shared by readers & promoters)
  3. With its integrated URL shortening service, it also takes away the pain of using and integrating with any third-party URL shortening service


Soopr was born out of a personal need. While building Humangous, a platform for writing guides about oneself, we wanted to make it extremely easy to share and like guides. They gave validation to users writing their guides while adding growth loops to the product.

Though it looked like an easy and solved problem, none of the existing solutions met our design standards and they weren’t easy to implement either. That is the time, we decided to create a holistic solution to solve this need.

About the Founder

Soopr is being built by Abhinav Saxena. Prior to Soopr, Abhinav was VP of Engineering at Urban Company and Director of Engineering at Hike Messenger. In both the companies, Abhinav led Growth Engineering and built tons of products and features to drive user acquisition and retention.

Abhinav started his career at Yahoo! back in 2005 and in his 15+ years of experience, he has built large scale data products, payments platforms, messaging systems, platform services, e-commerce systems, logistics and supply chain management systems and social games.