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Make your website and blog audience friendly

Soopr packs 4 powerful tools to help you grow engagement. With its simple to use interface, save time, hassle and money.

tech stack agnostic
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Simplicity meets Flexibility

Easy for your audience. Easy for you.

Soopr is the simplest, most elegant way to add link previews, like and share buttons to your website. And with its inbuilt analytics and auto short-link capabilities, it is very powerful too.

Soopr is a bundle that works!

Share & Like Buttons

Add beautiful like and share buttons to your website easily and for free. Control them using dashboard with Soopr's serverless solution.

Smart Link Previews

Automate generation of beautiful link preview images for all the pages of your website. Customize them using templates.

Auto Short Links

Forget about creating short links manually or using API integrations. Change Soopr settings from the dashboard to auto create short-links for pages of your website.

Richer Web Analytics

There's no need to integrate with a separate analytics tool. You not only get data about visitors but also data about people sharing and liking your pages.

No credit card required
Free-forever plan available

Soopr Users

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Why use Soopr?

Soopr's simple yet powerful bundle saves time, hassle and money.

Easy Integration

Adding Soopr to any website is easy, and with its powerful web interface it can be configured to suit your needs.

Unlimited Sites

With same account, you can add Soopr to unlimited websites. Each website gets a separate SDK token and dashboard.


Soopr SDK is very small and it loads quickly. Our API is also built on a very performant stack and is very fast.

Secure and Privacy Aware

Soopr keeps privacy of your users in mind and lets you control if you want to use cookies or not.


You don't need any backend for share & likes, link previews, short links and web analytics - Soopr takes care of all of that.

Forever Free Plan

Soopr provides a generous free plan - without requiring your credit card details.

 It takes less than a minute to sign up

Share & Like Buttons

Add beautiful like and share buttons to your website easily. Control them using Soopr dashboard.

Soopr's Share & Likes Button

Beautiful Design

You get number of design options to choose from and each of the Soopr buttons look beautiful.


You can customize social media platforms, visibility, size and a lot more about these buttons using Soopr's powerful dashboard.

Easy to Add

With just 2 lines of HTML code, it is extremely easy to add Soopr to your website.

Dark Mode Ready

Soopr Buttons look beautiful in dark mode.

 Soopr Share & Like buttons are FREE forever
 Work in Progress - Coming Soon

Richer Web Analytics

With Soopr, you get richer web analytics. And you don't have to install any other analytics SDK.

Richer Analytics

With Soopr's single web analytics dashboard, get insights on visitors, readers, promoters and short-links

Fast SDK

Soopr SDK is small and fast. It helps in speeding up the page load and thus in SEO

Fast & Simple Dashboard

Soopr analytics dashboard is fast and simple to understand, it makes your life simpler

Privacy Concerned

You can choose to not use any cookie, thus preserving privacy of your users

Web Analytics
  Glide through the installation - you just need to add a single line of HTML code

Get Soopr Power. Start for free.

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No credit card required
Free-forever plan available

Founder's Note

Hi, my name is Abhinav. I am a tech executive turned indie maker.

I am building Soopr to simplify the life of companies and bloggers that are trying to market through their website & blog.

Soopr was born out of a personal need. While building Moonwalk, a minimal blog theme to power my own blog, I wanted to add these capabilities without compromizing on design or speed. I also wanted to keep the integration simple and easy. I didn’t find any existing product that met these requirements and that led me to create Soopr.

Soopr is happily bootstrapped, with no external funding. I hope, you will try it and like the bundle of tools. If you have any queries or suggestions, please don't hesitate to send me an email.